China’s AI companies

Ranked in CB Insights 2017 “AI 100 List”

ByteDance Technology 字节跳动科技 | Newsroom
Owns Toutiao, China’s most successful news app. Website

Cambricon 寒武纪 | Newsroom
AI chip maker backed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Website

Liulishuo 流利说 | Newsroom
AI enabled English learning app. Website

Megvii 旷视 | Newsroom
Face recognition software Face++. Website

Mobvoi 北羽扇智 | Newsroom
Mobile voice search service Chumen Wenwen. Website

SenseTime 市商汤 | Newsroom
Computer vision and Deep Learning technology provider. Website

UBTECH 优必选 | Newsroom
AI and humanoid robotic company. Website


Airdoc 郁金香伙伴科技 | Newsroom
Medical diagnostics and healthcare data analysis. Website

AISPEECH 思必驰 | Newsroom
Natural language processing and speech recognition. Website

Atmatrix 智能矩阵 | Newsroom
Blockchain and AI-as-a-Service. Website

CANBOT 康力优蓝 | Newsroom
Service robot R&D, production and sales. Website

DeePhi 深鉴科技 | Newsroom
Deep Learning platforms. Website

Diting 谛听机器人 | Newsroom
Open platform for Chinese Natural Language Processing. Website

Dream One Robot 君望机器人 | Newsroom
Robots . Website

Gridsum 国双 | Newsroom
Internet and mobile big data analytics. Website

Hefu AI 荷福人工智能 | Newsroom
Robotics. Website

Horizon Robotics 地平线机器人 | Newsroom
AI processor chip and autonomous driving. Website

HRSTEK 合时智能 | Newsroom
Law enforcement and public safety robots. Website

Huilan Technology 中科汇联 | Newsroom
Chatbot and AI driven online CRM. Website

iBen Robot 小笨智能 | Newsroom
Consumer service AI and robotics. Website

iCarbonX 碳云智能 | Newsroom
Personal healthcare management and monitoring. Website

iFLYTEK 科大讯飞 | Newsroom
Speech recognition and Natural Language Processing. Website

Inspur 浪潮 | Newsroom
Cloud computing and big data. Website

IVYLINK 兰丁科技 | Newsroom
Intelligent home assistant, voice controlled rear view mirror. Website

IYIOU 亿欧 | Newsroom
Online media and business intelligence. Website

Jurong Group 浙江炬荣集团 | Newsroom
Diversified AI products and service robots R&D. Website

Linkface 今始科技 | Newsroom
Computer vision and Deep Learning applications. Website

PPCredit 拍拍信 | Newsroom
Credit rating. Website

ReadSense 阅面科技 | Newsroom
HCI and embedded vision solutions. Website

Rokid 灵伴科技 | Newsroom
Voice-enabled home assistant device and AR glasses. Website

Smart Finance Group 智融集团 | Newsroom
Credit lending and assessment. Website

Sineva 欣奕华 | Newsroom
Industrial and service robotics. Website

TUPUTECH 图普网络科技 | Newsroom
Image Recognition. Website

Turing Robot 图灵机器人 | Newsroom
Chinese NLP driven robotics OS. Website

TZTEK 天准科技 | Newsroom
Automation and image analysis. Website

Unisound 云知声 | Newsroom
Natural Language Processing applied to IoT products . Website

Utry 远传技术 | Newsroom
AI powered BPO and cloud-based solutions. Website

Wanson 华镇电子 | Newsroom
Speech recognition. Website

WXYZ Technologies 需要智能 | Newsroom
Smart robot R&D, production and sales. Website

Xiaoi 小i机器人 | Newsroom
AI technology and commercialization vendor. Website

YDRobot 易达图灵 | Newsroom
Computer vision and machine learning. Website

Zoominbot 智尊保 | Newsroom
Autonomous vehicles. Website