Just how addicted to gaming are the Chinese?

The folks in this vid are playing ‘King of Glory’, the most popular mobile game in China in 2017.

While getting married, an old grandmother, a cat, and even while giving birth!

Players addicted to this game just can’t stop! The final part will have you squirming!

The size of the gaming market in China is about US$27.5 billion, a quarter of the global market and larger than the US.

Tencents is the creator of ‘King of Glory’. The game has more than 182 million monthly active users, of which 54% are women!

King of Glory brought in revenue of about US$5 billion in one year!

Tencents is also the owner of Wechat, the biggest messaging app in China and the world. Games and Wechat are their two main sources of revenues. The company is worth about US$340 billion currently and they also own 5% of Tesla.