SenseTime signs agreement with Shenzhen police

SenseTime signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shenzhen’s Public Security Bureau at the command center building of the Bureau on 20 March 2018. The two parties will utilize SenseTime’s proprietary AI technology to implement upgrades to the city’s policing infrastructure and workflow.

The company’s press release said that this is the first time that SenseTime has established a strategic cooperation relationship with the public security bureaus at the provincial and municipal level . Through this cooperation, the two sides will jointly promote the use of AI technology in various scenarios within Shenzhen, thereby raising the level of digitization in Shenzhen’s public security infrastructure and driving the concept of “AI + New Policing”. The Bureau said that it will promote a ‘win-win’ collaboration within the needs of its operations and seek to improve and innovate on its systems and processes.

Shenzhen Deputy Mayor, Public Security Bureau Chief Xu Wenhai, Deputy Chief Shi Zhigang, Commanding Officer Er Jie, and SenseTime Founder Tang Xiaoou at the Agreement signing ceremony.

SenseTime is a leader in China’s artificial intelligence industry and a beacon of local enterprise development. — Shenzhen Police Chief Xu Wenhai

With the rapid development of technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and AI, the construction of new cities and policing in China is facing a transformation and upgrading from digitization to intelligence. Leveraging on the strategic cooperation with SenseTime, the Bureau said that it will rely on the strong technical backing to analyze public safety and urban construction from a new perspective.

According to the agreement, the two sides will apply AI technology in areas such as the planning and design of intelligent information applications for public security, video image recognition standards, and constructing wireless smart policing services. The Bureau will also promote the use of AI technology in urban transportation and public safety at the grassroots level so that overall standards of urban management and services in Shenzhen city can be improved.

SenseTime said that it wants to create further breakthroughs in algorithm accuracy and application capabilities by building a ‘Smart and Secure City’ application center for Shenzhen, so that AI technology can bring more possibilities to urban life. In addition, the company also said it will establish a system for ongoing cooperation in scientific research projects with the Bureau. Through the joint establishment of a “City-level Machine Vision” joint creation laboratory, priority will be given to testing and applying new technologies and products to public safety in Shenzhen.

Sensetime will continue to increase its strategic investment in Shenzhen’s public security system to give full play to the advantages of our proprietary AI technology. — SenseTime Founder Tang Xiaoou

Today, with the acceleration of AI technology and achievements, constructing smart cities  in the areas of public safety, transportation, retail, and medical care is becoming the focus of a new round of urban development. As one of the pilot cities for smart cities in China, Shenzhen leads the country in terms of Internet penetration and information technology development. It is also the only city with a ‘Digitization Index’ of more than 0.85, which shows Shenzhen’s leading position in smart city construction. With this strategic cooperation between Shenzhen’s Public Security Bureau and SenseTime, the two parties will provide an implementation model for the application of ‘AI + New Policing’ for the whole country as it constructs a ‘Safe and Smart Shenzhen’.

SenseTime was established in 2014 and focuses on proprietary technology for computer vision and deep learning. Its mission is to develop proprietary technology to guide and lead the improvement of mankind. SenseTime says its deep learning supercomputing center in China ranks among the top and it has become one of China’s top AI algorithm suppliers. In security and smart city construction, SenseTime has previously established strategic cooperation with public security systems and large-scale enterprises in many regions of the country.

Original press release. Photo from SenseTime.